Welcome to Amiville! Welcome, everyone! Amiville is now live! Amiville is a FREE webcomic with updates every Thursday. The story takes place in the crazy town of Amiville, which is populated by characters--both villainous and heroic--from the novels written by K.J. Amidon (and her alternative penname Kyra Anderson). While it is not necessary for you to read these novels to enjoy the antics of Amiville, it certainly makes it more enjoyable! Therefore, head over to www.KJAmidon.com if you wish to view the novels where these characters originate. As time progresses, goodies such as posters and t- shirts will become available. Please be patient with this process. However, if you want some amazing rewards related to Amiville, click the link above and go to the Patreon page to see what's available. Rewards include gifts, as well as day-early (or month-early) access to upcoming pages! Enjoy your stay in Amiville and check back every Thursday for a new page! Also, don't forget to follow Amiville comic on social media!
There has never been a better time to get aquainted with the characters of Amiville. All novels are discounted or FREE on Kindle until January 25th! Follow the links in the "About" page to get your copies today!

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